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  3. when you look at the specific facets of each of these broad factors, you realize that there are some traits that males score higher on (on average), and some traits that females score higher on (on average), so the differences cancel each other out

    No matter what the science says, if an individual shows the interest and ability to enter a field in which their sex is extremely underrepresented (e.g., women in math and science, men in nursing and education), we should absolutely be encouraging that individual to enter the field and do everything we can to help them feel a sense of belonging

    They rightly point out that people unfortunately tend to unthinkingly ascribe the mere existence of sex differences to "immutable biological factors", an assumption that does not automatically follow from the data. Not only that, but it's true that there is very little biologically that's "immutable" other than the genetic sequence, a fact that is widely known among all of the psychologists that I know.
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